Smart Infrastructure Management System (SIMS) Bridges

Advanced Bridge Management System

SIAMA’s data analysis and management software package, Smart Infrastructure Management System (SIMS) Bridges, provides asset owners with an industry-leading asset condition, management and maintenance decision-support tool.

High-tech Data Analysis and Management

SIMS Bridges utilises the bridge component condition rating data outputs of SIAMA’s Smart Image Processing Technology (SIPT) module, to conduct current and future bridge performance analysis at a component, project and network level.
Alternately, asset owners can access the data analysis and Maintenance, Repair and Rehabilitation reporting outputs of SIMS Bridges utilising their own in-house asset inspection and condition rating data.
SIMS Bridges condition rating data assessment and reporting outputs assist asset owners to transition from reactive Maintenance, Repair and Rehabilitation (MR&R) activities towards more cost effective and proactive bridge maintenance strategies.

SIMS Bridges

The SIMS Bridges software system features five core modules:

Condition Rating Module

This module calculates the current overall condition rating and structural performance of individual bridge components and the subsequent asset value of the subject structure.

  • Additionally, the module integrates the California Bridge Health Index (BHI) methodology and risk-based management analysis to produce an overall condition rating and risk score for each individual bridge component.
  • The module’s risk-based asset management process is crucial, as conventional Bridge Management Systems do not traditionally incorporate both condition rating and risk-based data when calculating BHI ratings.
  • Importantly, SIAMA’s Condition Rating Module provides asset owners with the condition and risk-rating functionality required to effectively track and prevent component deterioration from worsening.

Deterioration Module

The bridge deterioration module accurately predicts component performance and provides asset owners with the ability to conduct current year and future maintenance planning and budget forecasting activities based on performance assessment criteria.

To effectively predict the long-term performance of individual bridge components, the module employs SIAMA’s unique deterioration analysis process and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based machine-learning algorithms.

Maintenance Module

This module allows asset owners to review structure maintenance history at a component, project or network level.

The module also processes maintenance history data in conjunction with component condition and risk score data to identify and prioritise appropriate maintenance repair and replacement activities and costs for current and future years.

Budget Planning Module

SIMS Bridges budget planning module employs a scalable Network Level Health Index (NHI) based performance criteria to produce current and long-term network level maintenance repair and replacement activity budget scenarios for up to 10 years.

The accuracy of the data not only allows for improved maintenance planning, it can also be used to optimise budgetary forecasting based on long-term bridge performance outcomes to assist asset owners with identifying the maintenance budgets required to achieve their future targets.

Reporting Module

SIAMA’s SIMS Bridges delivers an easy-to-use intuitive interface that provides users with a choice of desktop-based or secure web-based application to chronological data profiles and reports inclusive of the following categories:

  • Overall condition rating / structure health index / risk scoring;
  • Deterioration modelling;
  • Maintenance history;
  • Maintenance prioritisation / costs;
  • Cost benefit analysis;
  • Long-term maintenance planning;
  • Performance based long-term budget planning;
  • Inspection records management (condition assessment); and
  • Various analysis, inventory and inspection search outcomes.

Features and benefits

  • SIMS Bridges condition rating and analysis module outputs facilitate effective bridge Maintenance, Repair and Rehabilitation (MR&R) strategies based on long-term bridge performance modelling;
  • SIMS Bridges easy-to-use, intuitive interface means detailed data can be accessed by all personnel without the need for lengthy / costly training;
  • SIMS Bridges utilises the objective inspection data captured by SIAMA’s cutting-edge inspection and data collection equipment rather than subjective visual bridge inspection data;
  • SIMS Bridges critical data outputs identify how asset owners can extend the life span of a structure thereby saving significant rehabilitation costs, time and effort; and
  • Data management outputs from SIMS Bridges have been designed to integrate with all other existing asset management and maintenance reporting packages.

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